Victorian institute of technology (VIT)
Victorian institute of technology (VIT)

VET Courses in Melbourne, Australia

Full Fee paying – Vocational Courses for International and Domestic Students


Course Course Code Max Duration Tuition Fee Learning Material Fee Prescribed Text Books Fee Total Course Fee
Certificate III in Commercial Cookery SIT30816 64 weeks
3 days/week
$12,169 $150 $680 $12,999
Certificate III in Patisserie SIT31016 52 weeks
3 days/week
$13,169 $150 $680 $13,999
Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery SIT40516 100 weeks
3 days/week
$14,919 $200 $880 $15,999
Certificate IV in Patisserie SIT40716 88 weeks
3 days/week
$15,919 $200 $880 $16,999
Diploma of Hospitality Management SIT50416 88 weeks
3 days/week
$16,219 $200 $1,580 $17,999
Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management SIT60316 107 weeks
3 days/week
$17,219 $200 $1,580 $18,999
Diploma of Information Technology Networking ICT50418 66 weeks
3 days/week
$14,269 $150 $1,580 $15,999
Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking ICT40418 52 Weeks $12,000 $150 $1,580 $13,730

Courses available through VTAC or Direct enrolment

You can apply directly for courses/programs listed in the VTAC Guide at VIT (Victorian Institute of Technology)
if you are:

  • NOT currently studying Year 12 in Australia and
  • Intending to submit an application only to VIT (Victorian Institute of Technology)

Applicants who are intending to apply to more than one institution and all current Year 12 students must apply through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

Please note: These training products are current as published on the National Register. The course content, structure, materials, schedules, and instructors may change at any time without notice. The subject sequence is for illustrative purposes only and may not be the sequence of training. Course fees are subject to change.


  • I benefitted greatly from this course while still working in the workplace (restaurant).

    - Kishan S

  • I was very happy with my time at VIT studying hospitality. I don’t think there is anything I would change, everything was good”

    - Vijay S

  • Very Convenient location had a wonderful journey at VIT.

    - Ms. Christine G

  • Staff member specially Dhara was excellent.

    - Mr. Michael G

  • Flexible payment option and very supportive trainer.

    - Ms. Melissa C

  • especially Trainer Andrea was my favourite.

    - Mr. Jason P

  • Fantastic opportunity to be a student of VIT. Excellent trainer and best Administrator, thanks for their help and support

    - Ms. Ramanpreet P

  • The course was very good. Trainer was fantastic and was flexible and informative

    - Ms. Rebecca B

  • So far the course has been fantastic with a patient and understanding teacher.  The course is very informative and helpful with my current job.

    - Mr. Chris C

  • It is a very enjoyable and informative class.

    - Mr. Sylvie T

  • Student Services was very supportive.

    - Mr. Li Y

  • Best education and Graduation Ceremony

    - Nabin Pun (BITS Graduate 2017)

  • Enjoyed the education journey and Good teaching staff

    - Pardeep Singh Dhillon (BITS Graduate 2017)

  • Everyone Friendly and Helpful @ VIT

    - Keshav Shrestha (BITS Graduate 2017)

  • Very supportive lecturers, best staff and organising commitees

    - Dhanuka Nilanjana (BITS Graduate 2017)

  • Graduation Ceremony the best and I enjoyed thoroughly

    - Sahil Sharma (BITS Graduate 2017)

  • Study environment @ VIT is best

    - Anjali Devi (BITS Graduate 2017)

  • Great inspiration by our Chairman and CEO of VIT

    - Lekhnath Sapkota (BITS Graduate 2017)

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