Adobe Acrobat Pro DC | Basic To Advanced

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Three Days


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Course NameAdobe Acrobat Pro DC | Basic To Advanced
Course CodeVIT/04/4053
Course TypeMultimedia
Cost$999.00 Enrolment Form
DurationThree Days
TimesPart-time / Full Time: Week Ends, Week Days, Evenings
PrerequisitesIt is assumed in this course that participants have basic word processing skills and a working knowledge of Windows 7.
OutlineThis course is designed for participants who need to learn how to use the different features available in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to create a document.
  • Start and end Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Navigate around Adobe Acrobat Pro DC work area, opening the work file.
  • Using the Acrobat Pro DC tools, toolbars, and task buttons.
  • Using Acrobat Pro DC Panel and context menus.
  • Setting up a work area and navigating the document.
  • Printing PDF files.
  • Converting a Microsoft Word files to Adobe PDF.
  • Converting and emailing a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Converting an Excel document and starting a review.
  • Converting and attaching a file in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Using the Print command to create Adobe PDF files.
  • Controlling Adobe PDF output quality.
  • Converting Web Pages from Internet Explorer to Adobe PDF.
  • Creating an Adobe PDF file from a Web Page.
  • Editing pages and text
  • Adding a bookmark and sound.
  • Copying text and images from a PDF file.
  • Working with comments, exporting and importing comments, printing comments.
  • Putting documents online, setting an opening view, reducing the file size.
  • Creating an online document, optimizing for page-at-a-time downloading.
  • Adding Adobe Reader installers to the web page.
  • Adding security to your PDF files, creating a digital ID, certifying a PDF file.
  • Working with forms online, exporting form data.
  • Setting up presentations, Setting the Full Screen preferences.
  • Extracting images from a PDF file.
  • Exporting, editing, and printing pictures.
  • Activating Acrobat Pro DC Standard as an eBook reader, managing your eBooks.
  • Making documents accessible and flexible, setting reading out loud preferences, changing the on-screen display.
  • Creating 2D Elements from Hexagons: Building the first hexagon composition, Transforming the image, Creating an animated pattern from a simple image, Adding complexity to the animation, Transforming a pre composition layer, Adding a third level of motion and other refinements, Reusing your work to create a second element, Rendering compositions
  • Building Elements from squares: Creating the first element dancing squares, Creating pulsating strips of squares, Creating a lens flare, Combining components to create box lights, Creating the second element: a line of box lights
  • Animating Circles: Creating line circles, Creating dot circles, Creating the first element multiple rings, Creating more elements: multiple lines and dots
MaterialThe course material will be provided.