Adobe Dreamweaver CC- Level 1 | Basic

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One Day


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Course NameAdobe Dreamweaver CC – Level 1 | Basic
Course CodeVIT/04/4009
Course TypeMultimedia
Cost$499.00 Enrolment Form
DurationOne Day
PrerequisitesThis course is designed for participants with little or no knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver CC. It is assumed the students have a basic knowledge of video editing experience
OutlineThis instructor led course aims to use Adobe Dreamweaver CC to learn the basics of this get up and running with this popular video-editing application.
  • Starting Adobe Dreamweaver CC and identify its components; navigate in the artwork window; create, save, and close files; and close Adobe Dreamweaver CC.
  • Getting Adobe Dreamweaver CC ready to work, setting up your workspace, customizing Dreamweaver CC’s windows, installing Dreamweaver CC Plug-Ins.
  • Starting and managing your movie projects, saving and opening existing projects.
  • Capturing, Importing, and Organizing your Media.
  • Editing Clips; getting to know your clips, setting in and out points.
MaterialThe course material will be provided.