Adobe InDesign CC | Level 1| Beginners

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One Day


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Course NameAdobe InDesign CC | Level 1 | Beginners
Course CodeVIT/04/4013
Course TypeMultimedia
Cost$499.00 Enrolment Form
DurationOne Day
PrerequisitesIt is assumed in this course that participants have basic working knowledge of Windows 7.
OutlineThis course is designed for participants who need to learn how to use the different features available in Adobe InDesign CC.
  • Using palettes, working with palettes
  • Interface elements, the toolbox, contextual menus
  • Starting documents, choosing layout options, changing layout options
  • Document rulers, margin and column guides, ruler guides, document grids
  • Changing the magnification, Zoom and Hand Tools, navigator palette
  • Controlling windows, saving documents
  • Text frames, typing text, selecting text, moving and deleting text, character palette
  • Setting the typeface and point size, styling text, line and character spacing
  • Applying text distortions, setting the language, paragraph formatting, alignment and indents, paragraph affects, text utilities, working with text flow
  • Text frame controls, text on a path, special text characters
  • Basic shapes, replicating objects, selecting objects, moving and resizing objects
  • Transform tools, transform palette, transform submenu, transform commands and arrange commands, aligning objects, grouping and locking objects
  • Fill effects, stroke effects, corner effects, setting object defaults
  • Pen points, drawing lines, drawing curves, changing curves and corner points, modifying paths, modifying points, pencil tool, smooth tool, eraser tool
MaterialThe course material will be provided.