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Two Days (10 Hours)


AUD $ 799.00


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Course NameSQL Programming
Course CodeVIT/03/3015
Course TypeProgramming
Cost$799.00Enrolment Form
DurationTwo Days (10 Hours)
PrerequisitesIt is assumed in this course that participants have a basic knowledge of a computer operating system and basic operation.
OutlineThis instructor led course aims to create, retrieve and manipulate objects in a relational database using ANSI standard Structured Query Language (SQL).a
  • Understanding relational database and connect to SQL database.
  • Querying records using SELECT statement
  • Using SQL Functions.
  • Manipulating data with INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statement.
  • Loading tables from external sources.
  • Controlling access to your tables and defining tables.
  • Creating tables view and other schema objects.
  • Selecting records from multiple tables.
  • Using Aggregate functions and other SQL advance techniques.
  • This course by default uses MS Access. Course can be customized to use MS SQL server or Oracle. Charges may differ. Please call VIT for further information
MaterialThe course material will be provided.
Please Note:1. If you want to schedule dates for the course, please contact us as we may be able to make adjustments to suit your requirements(enrol@vit.edu.au).
2. Courses are run subject to number of enrolments.