Victorian institute of technology (VIT)
Victorian institute of technology (VIT)

Excerpt from the Vice-chancellor's statement on this occasion as follows:


VIT is proud to announce its partnership with Edith Cowan University (ECU) in Melbourne and Sydney campus locations. Under this partnership
VIT will provide the physical infrastructure, academic and non-academic support to ECU.
For more information about ECU Melbourne and Sydney campuses click here

VIT encourages all the students and our associates to read Vice-chancellor's statement click here

Master of Cyber Security

Course Code: L33

CRICOS Code: 089995A

Teaching Period: 4 semesters

This coursework degree is designed to meet the demand for cyber security professionals within government, law enforcement and industry.

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Master of Project Management

Course Code: L99

CRICOS Code: 079106D

Teaching Period: 4 semesters

Additional Admission Requirements : Bacelor degree in discipline other than Project Management, with equivalents considered. Alternatively, applicants can have a Graduate Certificate in a relevant discipline.

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Master of Business Administration International

Course Code: L94

CRICOS Code: 079116B

Teaching Period: 4 semesters

The Masters by coursework develops and educates highly skilled global managers and leaders who can contribute to organisations in an effective and responsible manner.

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Since ECU is offering its program in Melbourne and Sydney in VIT campus locations for the first time from February 2018, it's heartening to announce that ECU is offering below Scholarships:

10% Scholarships to all international Offshore students

25% Scholarships to all international onshore students

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  • “I benefitted greatly from this course while still working in the workplace (restaurant).”

    - Kishan S

  • I was very happy with my time at VIT studying hospitality. I don’t think there is anything I would change, everything was good”

    - Vijay S

  • Excellent trainer, thoroughly enjoyed the course. Was well paced and time went quickly. Appreciated being able to complete some projects as a group in class, venue convenient and all facilities required were available

    - Ms. Christine G

  • Very good relationships developed from the beginning. Staff members have been fantastic even before commencement of the course. They made my time in class informative and pleasurable

    - Mr. Michael G

  • Very well structured course. I have got a lot out of this course and looking forward to putting my new skills and knowledge to work –

    - Ms. Melissa C

  • First time I have had such a positive, intelligent and charismatic trainer. He has a talent for training and made a challenging course achievable with his attitude and advice. I would definitely like to study with him in future on another course and have enjoyed the time

    - Mr. Jason P

  • Fantastic opportunity to be a student of VIT. Excellent trainer and best Administrator, thanks for their help and support

    - Ms. Ramanpreet P

  • The course was very good. Trainer was fantastic and was flexible and informative

    - Ms. Rebecca B

  • So far the course has been fantastic with a patient and understanding teacher.  The course is very informative and helpful with my current job.

    - Mr. Chris C

  • The written information I found to be useful, well written, concise. The instructor was very helpful in any difficulties that I experienced. Also very knowledgeable and very communicative. I would recommend this course.

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    - Mr. Effie S

  • It is a very enjoyable and informative class.

    - Mr. Sylvie T

  • The course gave me confidence though it was a little challenging. My teacher was friendly and very helpful.

    - Mr. Vincen R

  • My English teacher is responsible and patient who uses simple ways to help us understand English words.

    - Mr. Yuwen Z

  • Our English teacher is a nice person who is patient, responsible and kind.

    - Mr. Li Y

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